Project Development Methodology

Information Collection:
Information collection begins with studying the project’s background. We discuss the project’s mission and goals with you. We then evaluate the needs of your target audience. Next, we look at your competition and identify what they are doing on the web.

Strategy involves asking a lot of questions like – how is your situation unique. What is the best way to approach it? What are the problems that we may face? How do we address them? etc. We also begin to organize content and develop navigation structures, while exploring the new site’s information hierarchy. Eventually these ideas create a workable solution that fits your goals, your customer’s goals, and your budget.

During the prototyping stage we create a rough plan of how the site will operate. We determine the best use of color, fonts, navigation and layout. Eventually this process leads to a functional design. We then develop one section of the site with full functionality which serves as a check point for you to further define design and structural issues.

Beta Site:
A beta-site is a fully functional site incorporating all elements of the actual website, including the content. The beta-site represents the test run for the project as a whole. GateLog and the client test the site extensively. Both parties collect feedback and make recommendations for adjustments. Any problems that surface are dealt with quickly.

We finalize all development issues and prepare the site for public launch. We ensure stability, consistency and compatibility. Next, we launch the site.

At GateLog, we consider the launch of a website the beginning of an on-going process for developing and upgrading the website. We begin analyzing your site’s statistics and aid with new content development. Fresh content ensures your site stays current, and gives visitors something to talk about.