Paid Matrimony Services:

Matrimonial Web Site Features:
View matrimonial profiles, Add Profile Picture, Add Cover Photo, Upload upto 6 Photos, View Photos, Add Horoscope, View Horoscope, View detailed profile, Add profiles to Favourites, Block Profiles, Express Interest, View phone numbers with address, Send Unlimited personalized messages, Reply to messages from members, Profile Views Count, Contact Support, Complete Profile Privacy.

Pay One Time Registration Fee Rs.800 /- Only & Access all the features.


Become Franchise

We Provide Online and Offline Matrimonial Services to our Users at Lowest Rates.

We charge One Time Registration Fee Rs.800 /- Only from our members for Life Time access. They can access all the features in our Matrimony Website.

We also offers Matrimonial Franchise Opportunity to all Un-employed, House-wife’s, Retired Persons and all those who is planning to start their own business with low investment and get high returns back.

Franchise term for 1 Year only. Every year you need to renewal your Franchise account.
Franchise fee Rs 6000 for 1 year.

The Benefits  & Requirements to Become Franchise:

You must have computer and scanner
You must have internet connection to your computer
If  you have knowledge and experience in similar line is an added advantage
You must have tel. no and mobile no
If you have a small size office its good or else you can operate from house only
You will get 25% commission after confirmation of payment on every registration made by you.
You have to accept our terms and conditions
After accepting the terms and condition you will have to sign for agreement
Your location will be displayed on REDMATRI website and Ads.


Payments Terms

Franchise get Commission based Revenue share from the business generated by them every month. Every month first week, we will transfer your Commission amount directly to your Bank account.

Franchise charges are non – refundable.

For any further details, Kindly contact us at the following address

Contact Person:

2/303, Sri Rajappa Nagar, Kattur, Trichy – 620019, TamilNadu, India.

Email Id:

Helpline No. :

Please Send Us Below Details

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Terms and Conditions

You will be working under the name of REDMATRI. You are not allowed to run another franchise of matrimonial service till the tenure.

Franchise charges are non – refundable.

If you want run matrimony Franchise business in more than one location, you need to open separate Franchise account from us for each locations.

You need to strictly follow the business model given by REDMATRI Sharing of intellectual property, Data, Business model.

As a Franchise, you will be entitled to register profiles only and not give any contact information of other REDMATRI members, Paid member will be contact details online itself.

As a Franchise, you may collect payment from the customers in cash, cheque or DD, subject to the condition that you shall immediately issue proper receipt in our company name, for every such payment.

Over pricing of the services shall not be tolerated. You will not charge any amount in excess of the what is specified by us.

During the term of this franchise, you will not engage yourself in any kind of business agreement with any of our competitors for online matrimonial or related activities.

We may appoint any number of Franchises as required on business considerations which may include the territory/area/locality same as your operation.

If it comes to our notice that you have misused the name of REDMATRI or any information  related to it then we will take proper action against it.

Franchise will have to work as per terms and conditions laid by REDMATRI from time to time.

Franchise can terminate his/her with Franchise, if he/she doesn’t want to continue his/her activity concerning REDMATRI, by giving one month intimation to that effect.

You will have to use REDMATRI name for advertising.

Franchise can do advertisements through various advertisements mode such as Newspapers, Radio channels , Social Media, Cable Connection or Listing in magazines. But it should be first intimated to REDMATRI about matter and format.

REDMATRI keeps full rights to increase or decrease rates for the service provided.

REDMATRI holds the right for changing this operating agreement from time to time.

While registering Members under you, Members should know that their profiles will be listed on REDMATRI Site.

Franchise will have to give proper service to their Members. They will have to demonstrate the working of REDMATRI Site to their Members at least once in proper way.

Franchise should not pass on any information to other agencies which is detrimental to business of REDMATRI.

REDMATRI Matrimonial Services remains the final decision maker for any disputes.

You will submit your daily Accounts to Head Office every day.

Every Monday you need to transfer/deposit previous week payment collections to our Bank account.

Franchise get Commission based Revenue share from the business generated by them every month. Every month first week, we will transfer your Commission amount directly to your Bank account.

Prior written permission must be taken from REDMATRI before doing other activities not mentioned above.